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Facilitating Training

Course Code CETD-103
Course Name Facilitating Training
Category Teacher Trainer of Adults
Description Facilitating Training:

Training and Development Professionals must consider several factors to ensure learner engagement: an environment conducive to learning, the needs of diverse groups, and how to create a respectful and inclusive environment while achieving learning objectives goals. This course covers content related to delivery methods and facilitation. The course explores the various ways an instructor can effectively engage and challenge adult learners. There will be opportunities to investigate and demonstrate instructional techniques such as active participation, questioning styles, concept attainment, and co-operative learning, Students will gain practical experience with various teaching and learning techniques and develop skills in giving and receiving constructive feedback with their peers.

Completion of thisFacilitating Training course will give you the ability to:

Apply the appropriate training delivery method to achieve learning outcomes

Create an inclusive learning environment

Apply constructive feedback techniques to ensure optimal learning environment is achieved

Facilitate a mini teaching segment

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