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Designing Training

Course Code CETD-102
Course Name Designing Training
Category Teacher Trainer of Adults
Description Designing Training introduces sound training and development theory and practices to design a training plan and a corresponding lesson plan.

The course gives you the know-how to move logically from overall session outcomes to objectives and lesson planning. Throughout the design process, you will use current andragogical (adult learning) and instructional systems design (ISD) approaches to anchor the process of content development as your consider factors critical for learner retention and learning transfer.

Designing Training employs a range of methods to ensure that you understand all of the concepts including lectures, class discussions, case analysis and experiential exercises. You will complete three assignments that see you address learning outcomes and objectives, a training plan and rationale as well as a detailed lesson plan. You will also be tasked with a presentation and having your knowledge tested through a written test.

Completion of this Designing Training course will give you the ability to:

• Integrate simple ISD principles into a program;
• Create a detailed training plan and corresponding lesson plans;
• Apply principles to enhance retention and transfer of learning;
• Defend pedagogical basis of choices made when designing training plans and corresponding lesson plans.

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