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Mixology Workshop

Course Code CESI-872
Course Name Mixology Workshop
Category Lifestyle & Leisure
Description This workshop is designed to give the learners a general understanding of basic principles of three categories of alcoholic beverages: wines, spirits, and beers. It will focus on the varietal development of each alcohol, and the common characteristics know to each group. The student will learn how to dispense a wide selection of beverages, using a variety of beverage techniques. They will learn and create simple garnishes, determine appropriate glassware and create their own unique coctail receipe.

1. Describe the major characteristics of alcoholic beverages pertinent to the Canadian market
2. Examine beverage concepts as they relate to cocktail recipes
3. Perform bartending techniques including common garnishes, pouring techniques and mixing methods
4. Develop new cocktail recipes using beverage knowledge
5. Evaluate the effectiveness of the recipes with consideration of taste, aroma, presentation and creativity

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