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Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Course Code CESD-945
Course Name Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Category Transportation
Description The Hybrid and Electrics Vehicles course is beneficial for both licensed and non-licensed students looking for an introduction to both types of vehicles.

The course provides an overview of the purpose of hybrid technology, along with its history and current electric car application. Emphasis is on safe operating practices when servicing both hybrid and non-hybrid systems.

Servicing hybrid and electric vehicles is divided into:

• Necessary tools (digital volt ohm meters, scan tools and oscilloscopes);
• Safety precautions (proper protective equipment, high voltage concerns and high voltage disconnect procedures);
• Hybrid systems (battery types and construction, drive and traction motors);
• Atkinson cycle engines and braking systems, both hydraulic and regenerative.

Specialized hybrid systems include Toyota Synergy, Honda IMA, GM BAS, GM, BMW and Daimler Benz 2 mode, Hyundai/Kia, Porsche and Ford. The electric vehicles examined include Tesla, Leaf, Ford Focus, Volt, iMiEV and others.

The Hybrid and Electrics Vehicles course comprises in-class lectures and lab time. During labs, you will partake in demonstrations of disconnect procedures, safely testing high voltage cables and connections, accessing scan tool data and conducting examinations of sub systems.

Once you complete the Hybrid and Electric Vehicles course, you will have the ability to:

• Perform minor repairs and servicing on hybrid vehicles;
• Safely disconnect and power down hybrid systems;
• Use diagnostic equipment;
• Access hybrid information and safety procedures.

Notes More information call 416-289-5207 PRESS 8 (School of Transportation PT)- Current or former Centennial students, please call to register
EMAIL: for more information please.

Special requirement: Safety boots and safety goggles must be worn in the lab areas. You will be denied access to labs if you are dressed inappropriately. Hearing protection will also be required when determined by the instructor.
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