Hydraulics 2 CERB-505

Course Code CERB-505
Course Name Hydraulics 2
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description An extension of the first course, Hydraulics 2 focuses on advanced pressure and flow control components, and their industrial applications.

The course introduces fitting types, conductor selection, accumulators, rotary actuators, circuit relief for cylinder and motor circuits, brake valves, pressure-reducing valves, counterbalance valves, piston pumps, and sizing and assembly methods. Advanced schematics of hydraulic cylinder and motor circuit will be interpreted and drawn in this course. You will be required to design more advanced systems based on specific industrial uses.

Through labs and assignments as well as a mid-term and final exam, this course will prepare you for the next course, Hydraulics 3, and give you current and practical knowledge applicable to hydraulics today, including:

• Designing and constructing more advanced hydraulic systems;
• Understanding basic application, function and troubleshooting of pressure and flow control devices;
• Understanding Joint Industry Council standards for conductor fitting and assembly;
• Understanding the application of piston pumps, rotary actuators and accumulators, including the ability to size and calculate accordingly.
Notes Prerequisite: Hydraulics 1 CERB-504
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