Hydraulics 1 CERB-504

Course Code CERB-504
Course Name Hydraulics 1
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description Hydraulics 1, by analyzing all components of basic hydraulic systems, introduces you to basic concepts and the laws of hydraulics.

Aside from exploring what hydraulics is, what it provides and how it works, the course looks at specifics such as hydraulic fluids, system components, pumps, cylinders, and directional control valves, simple circuits and their energy losses, hydraulic circuits, pressure controls and flow control methods. Practical lab operations include circuit assembly, operation and testing of components.

Through labs and other assignments, a mid-term exam and a final exam, you will learn to:

• Design and build a basic hydraulic system;
• Interpret industry symbols and schematics, size reservoirs, cylinders and pumps;
• Calculate pump delivery and actuator speed and force;
• Have a basic understanding of pressure, flow and directional controls.
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