Pneumatics 1 CERB-501

Course Code CERB-501
Course Name Pneumatics 1
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description Pneumatics 1, through a primarily theory-supported approach with some hands-on lab activities, provides you with an understanding of the components of a basic pneumatic system.

Aside from examining the design and operation of each device from compressor to actuator, you will also study the application of several physics concepts used to correctly select modern pneumatic automation equipment. You will be encouraged to develop a systems approach to pneumatic machinery by determining the effects on the entire system caused by changing individual components.

Topics in Pneumatics 1 -- which comprises assignments, labs, a mid-term and final exam -- include Pascal's law, gas laws, Boyle's law, compressors, air receivers, air dryers, filters, pneumatic schematics, regulators and lubricators, and an introduction to valves and cylinders.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

• Use Pascal's Law and other basic formulae to calculate pressure, force, size, air flow and/or pressure drop for many pneumatic devices including cylinders, valves and distribution systems;
• Be able to explain the function, operation, construction and relationship of the components in a basic pneumatic system.
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