Industrial PLC Applications CERB-105

Course Code CERB-105
Course Name Industrial PLC Applications
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description Industrial PLC Applications gives you the opportunity to apply knowledge and techniques you learned in other courses (Industrial PLC 3 and Robotic Systems) on an industrial production line in the laboratory.

Through a hands-on approach that includes interactive lectures, labs and assignments, you will acquire advance programming skills and an understanding of system signals interfacing. Topics include the study of a real time application with the robots, PLC, production line quality testing, the automated feeding system, conveyors, motion controls and vision systems. You will also acquire basic knowledge of project management, production process optimization methods and principles of statistical process control (SPC).

As a result of the Industrial PLC Applications course, you will be able to:

• Design and write robotic real time programs for the industrial production line;
• Design and write advance PLC programs for complex applications such as motion control system;
• Use basic project management skills for cost benefit analyses, budget and time-line control;
• Identify typical production optimization methods, VFD/ PLC and Servo/ PLC motor control system;
• Produce technical documents such as plant layouts, electrical drawing diagrams and more.
Notes Prerequisite : Industrial PLC 3 - Omron/Siemens CERB-103 and Robotics Systems CERB-104
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