Robotic Systems CERB-104

Course Code CERB-104
Course Name Robotic Systems
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description Robotic Systems introduces you to foundational information about ABB robots.

Through an interactive approach that focuses on practical learning in fully equipped labs you will learn about pick and place programs, robot configurations, end effectors and TCP, sensors and solenoid valves, safety and maintenance, run chain and basic wiring diagrams, programming instructions and conditions, and MMI (man-machine interface).

This Robotics Systems course comprises labs, attendance and assignments, a mid-term exam and a final exam.

Once you successfully complete the course, you will be able to:

• Teach and jog different positions for the ABB robot;
• Identify the TCP coordinate system (four-point and five-point methods);
• Design, write and troubleshoot basic ABB RAPID programs (pick and place programs with digital inputs and outputs);
• Understand ABB robot wiring diagrams and have a detailed understanding of the run chain;
• Calibrate an ABB robot.
Notes Prerequisite : Industrial PLC 1 - Allen Bradley CERB-101 and Industrial PLC 2 - Allen Bradley CERB-102
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