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Quality Concepts

Course Code CEQA-401
Course Name Quality Concepts
Category Business
Description Quality Concepts is a prerequisite for other courses as well. Its focus will be on the basic tools and concepts of quality, with topics covered in greater depth in subsequent offerings.

The course content will contain part of the body of knowledge of the ASQ, CQT and CQA. It will also cover information useful to the CQIA and CSQE examination requirements. As such, Quality Concepts will look at: the history and importance of quality, defining quality, quality as a management framework, quality and competitive advantage, quality and personal values, quality in manufacturing and service, the importance of customer satisfaction and engagement, and more.

To ensure that you understand the topics that will allow you to operate more effectively in any organization, you will learn through lectures, class discussions, participation and case studies.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

•Explain key concepts related to theoretical and philosophical approaches to quality;
•Describe the components of high performance workforce management;
•Analyze the effectiveness of business process management frameworks;
•Explain all elements of performance measurement, including statistical approaches;
•Describe the role of leadership as it relates to quality management.

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