Motorcycling Rider Refresher CEMO-804

Course Code CEMO-804
Course Name Motorcycling Rider Refresher
Category Transportation
Description This Canada Safety Council refresher course is designed for experienced motorcycle riders with a valid M2 or M licence. Brush up on riding skills already learned from a previously taken Gearing Up Motorcycle Rider Training program. You will learn skills to improve your confidence and riding ability. The course is made up of classroom theory and six hours practical riding. It is mandatory for you to demonstrate entry level riding ability in braking, shifting and riding techniques by passing the first level of the MOST II test at the beginning of the course. Practical riding exercises include slow speed manoeuvres, push steering, emergency braking, emergency swerving, collision avoidance and negotiating curves.

1. Must attend all classes of the section you are registered for in their entirety (no exceptions).
2. Must provide own road-worthy, licenced motorcycle and Liability Insurance Certificate. (Motorcycle are available on request for an additional fee of $100 plus $150 refundable security deposit. Call 416-289-5000, ext. 7105 to reserve). Note: Rental only for the Motorcycle Rider Refresher CEMO-804
3. Must have riding experience and a valid M2 or M licence.
4. Must demonstrate entry-level riding ability by passing the first part of the MOST II test.
5. At all times during the practical segment, students must wear proper riding gear, ECE or DOT approved helmet, a sturdy jacket, full leather boots, full hand gloves, jeans or heavy pants. Anyone dressed inappropriately will not be allowed to ride.
6. Must adhere to all safety rules, follow the direction of course supervisor and respect other students.
7. Eye protection is strongly recommended.
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