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Enterprise Resource Planning

Course Code CEMG-949
Course Name Enterprise Resource Planning
Category Business
Description Enterprise Resource Planning will provide you with an overview of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system -- including the organizational and technical requirements -- while exploring the challenges associated with its use.

The course will begin with overview topics such as business functions and processes. It will then continue onto more ERP-specific topics such has systems and sales, the order process, production and supply, chain management information systems and more. Also presented will be extensions to enterprise systems, including extended supply chain management, e-commerce integration, managerial support systems, inter-enterprise integration and global systems. As a hands-on training component of the course, you will research and compare various ERP systems and their suitability.

Once you finish your Enterprise Resource Planning studies, you will be confident in:

•Demonstrating an understanding of the basic business processes;
•Identifying the importance and benefits in integrating business processes;
•Attaining a high level understanding of functionality of an ERP system;
•Identifying and understanding integration points and concerns;
•Evaluating ERP system implementation strategies.
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