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Supply Chain Management

Course Code CEMG-948
Course Name Supply Chain Management
Category Business
Description Supply Chain Management will look at how concepts in this area have evolved over time, and how that has allowed organizations to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in the global and highly competitive environment of the 21st century.

As the main goal of this course will be to assist you in understanding how to make changes that are critical to successful supply chain implementation, you will study topics such as purchasing and procurement and the impact on the supply chain, demand forecasting and aggregate planning, inventory management, customer service and order management, transportation and warehouse management, and more.

Through term work, a test and a final exam, you will solidify your confidence in techniques for managing logistics and supply chain, and strategies for the planning of the overall supply chain management programs.

Completion of this Supply Chain Management course will see you become confident in:

• Analyzing and differentiating among the major elements of supply chain management;
• Describing the impact of supply chain management (SCM) on the success and profitability of the modern organization;
• Explaining the relationship between supply chain management and enterprise resource planning (ERP);
• Explaining the influence of integrated supply chain management on major functional activities including product design, information system, manufacturing planning and control, inventory management, quality management, forecasting and customer service;
• Preparing policies and procedures based on the best business practices to manage various aspects of purchasing, inventory and logistics functions;
• Describing how to establish proper trading partner relationships;
• Understanding the mechanisms reigning over the supply chain management area;
• Addressing strategic issues pertaining to logistics and/or supply chain management activities.
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