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Project Estimating and Cost Management

Course Code CEMG-924
Course Name Project Estimating and Cost Management
Category Business
Description Project Estimation and Cost Management is all about learning to first estimate efficiently and then deliver projects on budget by managing costs.

The course will take you through the major areas of concern when it comes to project estimation and cost management, including: principles of project cost estimation, estimation techniques, and incorporation of the cost estimates into a project cost plan and subsequent project budgets. The course will teach you, once a plan has been developed, the continued principle of cost management and control, the cost change approval process, and the relationship to other project management knowledge areas such as scope time and quality.

This offering is broken down into participation (10 per cent of your final grade), two term projects (each worth 25 per cent of your final grade), and a mid-term and final exam (each worth 20 per cent of your final grade).

Completion of Project Estimation and Cost Management will see you:

•Understand the major and sub processes of project cost management as outlined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK);
•Understand the primary methods of project cost estimation including tops down, and bottoms up estimation techniques;
•Appreciate the importance of timing in the project planning and execution life cycles on the predicted accuracy of project cost estimates;
•Develop the ability to create and use project cost control documents and understand how and when to communicate the information derived from such documents;
•Develop a cost change control process appropriate to the size and complexity of a project.
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