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Project Planning and Control

Course Code CEMG-910
Course Name Project Planning and Control
Category Business
Description Project Planning and Control is a course in which the project planning and control processes are presented primarily from the project manager's perspective.

Participation, which will make up 10 per cent of your final grade, is crucial as you learn about various planning techniques and how to effectively control costs to complete the project on time. In addition to class attendance and participation, your grade will also be determined by two assignments (one of which is a term project), a mid-term and a final exam.

Among specific topics included in Project Planning and Control will be: development of work statement, cost estimation, planning work packages, risk management, conflict resolution, setting performance measurement criteria and more.

Once you complete Project Planning and Control, you will have the ability to:

•Determine the activities needed to plan, schedule and estimate the cost of the project;
•Identify all of the activities involved in the project, and prepare a Gantt chart and a network diagram;
•Apply the critical path method and determine the completion times for the activities;
•Plan for resources, identify constraints and assess the scheduling risks;
•Apply the project planning, scheduling and costing techniques to different types of projects, such as construction, software development and procurement projects;
•Understand the managerial environment of project management.
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