Fundamentals of Project Management CEMG-909

Course Code CEMG-909
Course Name Fundamentals of Project Management
Category Business
Description Fundamentals of Project Management will provide you with a solid base of all aspects of project management functions.

Included will be an overview of essential topics such as: the role of the project manager, project definition, the project management process, importance of communication and team building, and project management strategies.

While half of your mark will be determined by your performance on a mid-term and final exam, equally as important will be class participation and a team project that make up the other 50 per cent of your final grade. You will trace a project from identification to implementation.

Once you successfully complete Fundamentals of Project Management, you will be able to:
•Understand the concepts of the project management, project life cycle and the steps of the project management process;
•Describe project management responsibilities and the skills needed;
•Identify the project team characteristics, and team conflicts and norms;
•Discuss the importance of the effective oral and written communication;
•Determine the activities needed to plan, schedule and cost estimates of a project.
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