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Logistics Management

Course Code CEMG-908
Course Name Logistics Management
Category Business
Description Logistics Management, as an introduction to the study of this area, will focus on the principles and practices of logistics management, and why is it gaining importance in today's business world.

An interactive course, this offering will see you apply the theories and concepts of customer service, materials management, purchasing, organizing for effective logistics, order processing and information systems, inventory control and warehousing, and distribution to develop an integrated logistics management approach to solving business problems.

In Logistics Management, you will learn through a major project that is worth 20 per cent of your final grade, in-class participation (assignments, case studies, in-class work, group work, quizzes) and two tests.

You will finish the course with the ability to:

•Describe the role of logistics in the global economy;
•Describe the elements of customer service and establish a customer service strategy;
•Develop an order processing system using the concept of customer order cycle;
•Implement successful material management, purchasing and inventory control activities;
•Implement successful warehousing and transportation strategies.

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