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Principles of Industrial Traffic

Course Code CEMG-101
Course Name Principles of Industrial Traffic
Category Business
Description Principles of Industrial Traffic is a foundations course in the study of thought surrounding industrial traffic and transportation.

It will include overall coverage of how transportation is a critical link to the supply chain and the economy, transportation regulation and public policy, costing and pricing for transportation, and issues and challenges of global supply chains. More specifically, within these major topics, the course will examine various modes of transportation, value costing documentation, customs, importing, warehousing and much more.

Principles of Industrial Traffic will consist of assignments, quizzes and projects that will make up 30 per cent of your final grade, a mid-term exam worth another 30 per cent and a comprehensive final exam that will cover the final 40 per cent.

Upon course completion you will be able to:

•Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of alternate methods of transportation;
•Describe the regulations regarding transportation, customs and importing;
•Describe the functions of the traffic department in an organization;
•Assess the packing and warehousing requirements.

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