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Litigation 2

Course Code CELC-916
Course Name Litigation 2
Category Business
Description Litigation 2 is an advanced course that will build on what you learned in Litigation 1. As such, it will explore the different procedures that exist in the Superior Court of Justice (including regular and simplified procedure, case management and Rule 78) and when they can be invoked. The course will also include an in-depth look at the procedures, their elements and how the Rules of Civil Procedure and Court of Justice Act are read.

Among specific topics that will be covered are: preparation of statement of claim, motions, affidavit of documents for examination for discovery, different methods of enforcement of judgment and reciprocal enforcement agreement.

Through its discussions and class participation Litigation 2 will create a climate of fusion of practical and theoretical knowledge for the modern law clerk and legal assistant. As a result of this environment and the covered topics, you will be able to:

•Find the applicable rules, to be applied, to a situation;
•Read and understand the Rules of Civil Procedure and Court of Justice Act;
•Prepare and recognize documents used for litigation in a law firm;
•Understand the powers and jurisdiction of Superior Court of Justice and its divisions;
•Ascertain the difference between summary, default, trial judgments and motions for assessment and how the former can be enforced;
•Assist in commencing an action or application with direction from the solicitor/law firm;
•Read and identify legal documents.

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