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Litigation 1

Course Code CELC-915
Course Name Litigation 1
Category Business
Description Litigation 1 is an introductory course that will offer a foundation for understanding laws and procedures governing civil proceedings in Ontario.

You will begin the course by examining the structure of the Ontario court system and the Courts of the Justice Act. Once you are comfortable with the structure, you will move onto looking at various stages of a civil lawsuit, including commencement of proceedings, pleadings, motions, discovery, trial, judgment and enforcement. While learning these topics, you will study the individual court rules applicable at each stage. Lastly, you will become familiar with preparing simple documentation for hypothetical cases.

To ensure that you fully understand the course material, you will take a test and exam worth 80 per cent of your final grade. You will also complete various quizzes and assignments that will make up the final 20 per cent.

Upon successful completion of Litigation 1, you will be able to reliably demonstrate:

•A reasonable working familiarity with the Ontario Court System, and the development of a civil action;
•Recognition of and ability to review litigation documents and understand their application to ongoing files in a law office setting;
•Recognition and assistance to lawyers in the preparation of litigation file;
•An understanding of the theory involved in the preparation of litigation documentation with reasonable direction from instructing solicitors.

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