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Photoshop 2

Course Code CEIL-926
Course Name Photoshop 2
Category Distance Learning
Description Further introduction to some of the more advanced concepts of Photoshop. Topics include: preparing images for print, quick mask, blending images together, preparing images for web use, colour mapping and using alpha channels. You will explore advanced digital imaging processes for the web using tools available in Adobe's Photoshop software; will continue to advance sensibilities towards design parameters and style, creatively develop and assess various design solutions, and execute the projects in a professional manner, to produce appealing results. Web design issues such as GIF animation, navigation, slicing, rollovers, optimizing and previewing web page, while exploring the available software tools at a more in depth level will also be reviewed.

Recommended: Completion of Photoshop 1 CEIL-835 Students are to purchase the full version of the software either CS3, CS4 or CS5  Photoshop Elements is not a full version of the software and will not be accepted for use during the course.
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