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Grievances Arbitration and Contract Administration

Course Code CEHR-966
Course Name Grievances Arbitration and Contract Administration
Category Business
Description Grievance, Arbitration & Contract Administration is one of four courses required to obtain a Labour Relations Certificate.

Using theory, real life cases, facilitated discussions, video excerpts, role-playing and simulations you will explore and become familiar with:

• Common sources of contractual disputes in different industries and different collective bargaining environments;
• The grievance process from its shop origins to its final disposition by arbitration;
• Substantive issues of grievance arbitration such as discipline and discharge, job classification, disability, discrimination and others;
• The challenges involved in contract administration focusing on the process of negotiated grievance, and arbitration from an unbiased perspective;
• Possible remedies and the limited bases for reversing arbitration decisions;
• Future and important trends in labour arbitration.

With this approach, you will develop a neutral understanding of both the viewpoints of the management and the union.

Upon completion of Grievance, Arbitration & Contract Administration you will have the know-how to:

•Demonstrate an adequate knowledge of the rules and laws that govern collective agreements and typical collective agreement provisions;
•Identify the problems that most frequently arise concerning administration and interpretation of the collective agreement;
•Develop an understanding of dispute resolution processes, including the grievance and arbitration systems and the arbitral jurisprudence;
•Analyze and critique various workplace disputes and determine if arbitration is the appropriate resolution strategy in a particular context;
•Competently utilize a set of tools, methods and strategies to represent either the grievant or management in informal complaints, as well as all of the formal steps of the grievance process;
•Prepare and present cases from their initial meeting through the arbitration hearings;
•Recognize the issues both parties involved face in going to arbitration to resolve contract disputes;
•Appreciate the use of labour arbitration in the unionized sector as the accepted method of resolving disputes over the interpretation of existing collective bargaining agreements (i.e., rights arbitration);
•Recognize and appreciate the need for continuous interaction between the union and management for successful labour relations and organizational effectiveness overall.
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