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GIS Software - ArcView

Course Code CEGI-102
Course Name GIS Software - ArcView
Category Distance Learning
Description At the end of this course, you should be able to create data in ArcView, to query and manipulate data; geocode addresses; perform spatial analyses, produce map outputs and charts. Included with the book is a fully functioning 180 day trial version of ArcView 9 software on CD-ROM with data for the exercises.

The ArcGIS educational edition requires the Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows NT (Service Pack 6a) or Windows XP operating system. Hardware requirements: a minimum 450 Mhz processing speed; 128 MB RAM, although 256 MB are recommended; 800 MB hard disk space, including 50 MB on the operating system drive; an additional 215 MB hard disk space is required for the exercise data.
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