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EA Role Practicum A and Seminars (Placement 2)

Course Code CEED-303
Course Name EA Role Practicum A and Seminars (Placement 2)
Category Distance Learning
Description Practicum A will train you to apply the appropriate attitudes, knowledge and skills to work successfully as an Educational Assistant in assisting students with exceptionalities, in an educational setting under the direction of a teacher. Upon successful completion of the practicum, you will have gained demonstrated capability in assisting students under three types of exceptionalities e.g. behavioural, communications, intellectual/ developmentally delayed, physical and/or multiple exceptionalities.

1. Practicum application must be completed and returned to the college for approval prior to registering for this course. To obtain a Practicum package please call 416-289-5000, ext 2555.
2. Centennial College and individual district boards of education have specific requirements before the candidate may begin the placement (e.g. Criminal Credit Check and First Aid/CPR). *text extra (Practicum 120 hrs., Seminars 12 hrs.)
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