Advanced C# CEDN-006

Course Code CEDN-006
Course Name Advanced C#
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description This course provides the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to build .NET applications using the C# language. It is intended for students who have completed an intermediate course in C# or have mastered at least one other modern programming language such as C or Visual Basic.

The approach emphasizes object oriented program structure. Advanced features of the C# language and its relationship to the .NET framework are covered. Topics include an overview of the .NET platform, GUI Window (WPF) forms utilizing XAML code, assemblies, generic collection classes, access and edit Microsoft SQL Server database and XML data, stored procedures, indexers, delegates, event handlers, multi-tasking, extension methods with sealed classes, COM components with Word and Excel, and regular expressions.

Programming will make use of the Microsoft Visual Studio platform. Students are strongly encouraged to acquire a copy of this programming environment. Microsoft makes available Visual Studio .NET for students. Student will develop and manage a software project that incorporates the main programming concepts. This is a reading and assignment intensive course.
Notes Prerequisite : CEDN-002 Intermediate C#

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