Truck and Trailer Technician Exam Preparation CEDM-940

Course Code CEDM-940
Course Name Truck and Trailer Technician Exam Preparation
Category Transportation
Description Truck Trailer Service Technician Pre-Certificate is a theory-based course that prepares you, the uncertified tradesperson, to write the Ontario Truck Trailer Service Technician Certificate of Qualification Exam.

Using apprenticeship curriculum, this course reviews the truck trailer's electrical/electronic components, suspensions, brakes, landing gears, heating ventilation and air conditioning system, and workplace practices and procedures with emphasis on basic theory and correct use of language and/or terminology.

Once you complete your studies in Truck Trailer Service Technician Pre-Certificate, you will be able to confidently:
• define introductory information of procedures
• identify construction fundamentals
• follow troubleshooting steps of the truck trailer's electrical systems, suspensions, brakes, landing gears, heating ventilation and air conditioning systems
• abide by workplace practices.

Notes More information call 416-289-5207 PRESS 8 - Current or former Centennial students, please call to register

NOTICE: This course is strictly an overview preparation course it is intended to fully prepare candidates for the Ontario Colleges of Trades exam. Also this course is not required to be taken as per Ontario Colleges and Trades. For more information regarding Ontario College of Trades exam call 647-847-3000 Email
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