AutoCAD Module 3 CECA-933

Course Code CECA-933
Course Name AutoCAD Module 3
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description The third in a series of courses, AutoCAD Module 3 will take seven weeks to complete as you advance your knowledge of the basic 2D drawing and drafting commands taught in the first two courses.

The offering will move from 2D to 3D with basic components of 3D solid modeling. You will be shown the tools and commands within the AutoCAD software necessary to create proper 3D models. Additionally, you will use the software to combine individually created components into fitted, exploded and sectioned assemblies.

Each class will begin with a brief lecture, followed by a lab session to reinforce the theory. In each class, specific exercises designed to clearly illustrate specific AutoCAD commands will be assigned to provide you with the necessary practice for skill development.

The AutoCAD Module 3 course will prepare you to:

• Comprehend some of the fundamental graphic language concepts of mechanical engineering drafting (CSA standards);
• Properly utilize data from standard orthographic engineering drawings to create accurate 3D wire frame and solid models using the fundamental AutoCAD 3D drawing commands;
• Create continuous profiles (PLine) or regions;
• Use and work with different workplanes and viewports, and be able to reposition the UCS;
• Use the extrude and revolve commands to create solid bodies;
• Use the subtract and union commands to modify solids;
• Modify the display resolution of bodies with the facetres command;
• Extract standard 2D orthographic views from a solid model;
• Utilize the align command to assist in assembling 3D components;
• Create exploded and fitted assemblies;
• Create 3D sectional views;
• Set up and use the plot commands to output model drawings to the printer/plotter;
• Organize and manage (for example, save and retrieve) drawing files.
Notes Prerequisite: Autocad Module 2 CECA-932

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