CNC Manual Programming/LATHE 2 CECA-911

Course Code CECA-911
Course Name CNC Manual Programming/LATHE 2
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description CNC Manual Programming Lathe 2 is a continuation of the first Manual Programming Lathe course. As such, it will look at more advanced topics. You will learn how to prepare programs of greater complexity.

Through a host of lectures and assignments, with attendance in all classes mandatory, you will become familiar with topics such as circular interpolation, multi-repetitive threading cycles, basic threading cycles, multi-repetitive cycles (G72/G73), tool nose radius compensation, sub-programming and C-axis machining (live tooling).

As a result of the CNC Manual Programming Lathe 2 course, you will gain the ability to confidently:

• Interpret part drawings and develop an efficient manufacturing process;
• Write efficient CNC programs to machine piece parts to the required specifications and tolerances;
• Download CNC programs to the machine control unit of the machine tool;
• Set up a CNC turning center;
• Debug and/or optimize a CNC program at the machine;
• Machine parts to drawing specifications and tolerances.
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