CAD/CAM Vertical Mill 1 CECA-903

Course Code CECA-903
Course Name CAD/CAM Vertical Mill 1
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description The CNC Vertical Mill 1 course will look at the preparation and delivery of CNC programs with respect to a CNC vertical machining centre (3-axis), using the CAM module of Mastercam software (demo software provided).

Mastercam is a leader in today's manufacturing industries and using this CAD/CAM software you will learn to develop fully documented CNC programs for machined parts of varying complexity. These parts will range from simple 2D contours to complex offset contours with pocketing and "drill like operations".

CNC Vertical Mill 1 will cover chaining contours (methods and applications), tooling parameters (settings and applications), contour parameters (settings and applications), Backplot menu (settings and display), operation manager (functions), creating efficient toolpaths, drill parameter (settings and selection), facing, pocket facing, drilling (spot drill, center drill, and drill), standard pocket, circle mill, tapping and more.

Upon successful completion of this offering, you will reliably demonstrate the ability to:

• Construct part Geometry using basic "Create" commands.
• Apply Geometry modification function to simplify the creative process.
• Identify different types of 2-D Toolpath Modules.
• Define common Parameters used in 2D modules.
• Apply specific Toolpath Modules to specific 'machine operations'.
• Apply 2D Toolpaths to generate CNC programs to produce parts.
• Comprehend the Toolpath file structure.
• Apply Toolpath editing functions to simplify Toolpath generation.
• Convert Geometry files to and from other CAD/CAM systems.

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