Computer Numerical Control Manual Programming Mill 2 CECA-902

Course Code CECA-902
Course Name Computer Numerical Control Manual Programming Mill 2
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description A continuation of the first CNC Manual Programming Mill course, CNC Manual Programming Mill 2 elaborates on topics taught in the introductory offering.

Fundamental topics will be expanded up on and covered in more depth as will the remaining canned cycles (G73-G83: G84; G76-G89). Also included will be offset machining (Cutter Compensation (G41/G42)) and sub programming.

You will become increasingly familiar with cycles such as peck drilling, deep hole drilling, tapping, boring and canned (in incremental mode). Among other specific topics will be "mathematics" of Cutter Compensation, the "start up block", the offset "vector" (orientation and distance), and more.

A hands-on approach in CNC Manual Programming Mill 2 will see you completing in-class drawing assignments and a final exam.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will have the know-how to:

• Interpret part drawings and develop an efficient manufacturing process;
• Write efficient CNC programs to machine piece parts to the required specifications and tolerances;
• Download CNC programs to the machine control unit (MCU) of the machine tool;
• Set up a CNC Vertical Machining Center;
• Debug and/or optimize a CNC program at the machine;
• Machine parts to drawing specifications and tolerances.

CNC manual programs are a detailed set of specific machining instructions. All of the skill requirements used in "conventional machining" are outlined in a specific program format, using generic machine codes. The Machine Control Unit of the CNC machine reads and interprets this information (controls axis movement, spindle rotation and all other machine functions).
Notes Prerequisite: Computer Numerical Control Manual Programming Mill 1 CECA-901
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