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IP Services and Automation

Course Code CCTC-612
Course Name IP Services and Automation
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description Usage of different network IP services and function of each protocol in a network. Also understand evolving a network with new automation and programmability and their impact on network functions and protocols.

This course will start with explanation of different IP network services and see how they are working along side with routing and switching protocols and their interconnections. Then will continue with protocols to monitor the network and tools for troubleshooting and maintenance. Explain how to use Quality of Services and how to secure these protocols to prevent vulnerabilities and threads. This course will continue with new topic of network automation and programmability which evolved network implementation concepts. We introduce the impact of automation incurrent networks and how to migrate a classical network to a fully automated network besides providing an automated network from scratch
Notes Prerequisite : CCTC-610 Network fundamentals and CCTC-611 IP network Routing and Security

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