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Connecting Networks - In Class

Course Code CCTC-304
Course Name Connecting Networks - In Class
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description Description: Because wide area networks (WANs) are critical to the success of every industry sector, from small home offices to large multinational organizations, this CCNA Routing and Switching: Connecting Networks course will explore them in detail.

WANs provide connectivity between branch offices, and can provide remote access to employees and trusted business partners. It is important to enable secure and easy access to business and research services through the Internet for both customers and employees. As such, this course will offer you an introduction to the learning experience required to understand the issues and technologies available to configure and maintain wide area networks.

Specific topics, which you will be taught through a range of interactive activities, group discussions and chapter quizzes, include the purpose, operations and available services of a WAN; comparing various private and public WAN technologies, point-to-point solutions (the fundamentals of point-to-point serial communication across a WAN, configuring HDLC encapsulation on a point-to-point serial link, describing the benefits of using point-to-point over HDLC in a WAN, and more), broadband solutions, and more.

At the conclusion of CCNA Routing and Switching: Connecting Networks, you will be able to:

• Describe WAN technology;
• Identify devices required to provide WAN solutions to small and medium businesses;
• Configure point-to-point with PAP and CHAP authentication;
• Explain Frame Relay concepts and terminology;
• Configure and troubleshoot a simple Frame Relay network;
• Compare and contrast DSL and cable service for remote access;
• Describe VPNs and explain how they provide secure access across the Internet;
• Configure simple VPN access for a host and troubleshoot using appropriate show and debug commands;
• Explain new technologies for WANs such as Metro Ethernet and DWDM
Notes Prerequisites : CCTC-301 Introduction to Networks, CCTC-302 Routing and Switching Essentials and CCTC-303 Scaling Networks , CCENT plus CCTC-303 or equivalent

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