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Intro to Research Methods and Data Analysis

Course Code BUSN-225
Course Name Intro to Research Methods and Data Analysis
Category Business
Description Research Methods and Data Analysis 1 will give you the know-how to apply statistical and other quantitative techniques to business problems and to interpret the solutions for improved decision-making.

The topics covered during the duration of the course will include measures of central tendency, numerical measures, frequency distributions and graphic presentation, measures of dispersion, probabilities, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.

To ensure that you develop the appropriate skills in Research Method and Data Analysis 1, you will partake in assignments, case studies and quizzes as well as three tests. As a result, you will gain the ability to:

• Prepare descriptive statistics and summary graphical representations of source data in either grouped or ungrouped formats;
• Determine the probability of events involving single, mutually exclusive and/or independent outcomes using relative frequency and classical approaches, and standard normal distributions of continuous variables;
• Estimate confidence intervals for population means and proportions;
• Estimate minimum appropriate sample sizes for confidence interval surveys;
• Perform hypothesis test estimations of population means and proportions.
Notes Prerequisite: MATH-106 or MATH118 or MATH119
Required course for the following outside certification:

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