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Strategies for Business Success

Course Code BUSN-110
Course Name Strategies for Business Success
Category Business
Description Strategies For Business Success -- by emphasizing the development of effective learning and study habits, research techniques and self-management strategies -- will give you the opportunity to build self-confidence and enhance your ability to achieve your academic, career and personal goals.

You will achieve mastery of college-level learning skills, attitudes and strategies through topics such as time management, listening and note-taking, making the most of studying from textbooks, oral and written communication, problem-solving and critical thinking, test preparation, use of college resources, membership on a team and online research techniques.

Strategies for Business Success will be made up of research and report writing, individual oral presentations, a case analysis that will teach problem solving, group management, a mid-term test and a host of other in-class exercises such as quizzes and group work.

Once you complete the course, you will have the ability to:

•Indicate your personal learning style to enhance academic success;
•Integrate learning skills, including taking notes as well as studying and preparing for examinations;
•Prepare a personal time management plan to effectively manage projects using paper and electronic tools;
•Write a business report using the appropriate tools to locate and organize necessary information;
•Work effectively in groups displaying active listening skills and making appropriate contributions;
•Use case methodology, critical thinking and questioning skills to analyze and evaluate materials as well as to solve problems and make decisions;
•Apply effective verbal communications skills using a standard presentation framework;
•Create self-management strategies affecting personal finances, time management and stress.
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