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Computer Aided Design (CAD): SolidWorks 1

Course Code AMMC-104
Course Name Computer Aided Design (CAD): SolidWorks 1
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description This course introduces the students to 3D modeling - CAD Design using SolidWorks.

The students will learn the basic concepts of building solid 3D models for parts and assemblies from 2D drawings or conceptual sketches, modifying, and reusing existing data and documenting the design using 2D drawings.
Using the proper techniques for building robust designs will be taught, starting with understanding the design requirements and using the proper techniques to build robust models that capture the design intent and can be easily modified.
The 3-hour labs will be a combination of theory presentation, hands-on demos, and in-class work. The new techniques will be gradually introduced, building upon the knowledge gained in the previous labs. The exercises will allow the students to practice the newly learned techniques and hone their skills.
The course will be based on a project in which the students will create part models first, along with their drawings, then assemble these components as needed and create the Bill of Materials (BoM). Basic design verification will be performed (measurements, mass properties, interference checking) to ensure the product can be assembled and function properly.
The exercises are intended to be completed and submitted by the end of the class, or by the start of the next session.
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**Students are required to also register for AMMC-101,AMMC-102,AMMC-103 & AMMC-105**

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