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ACE Computers

Course Code ACMP-012
Course Name ACE Computers
Category Distance Learning
Description The Ace Online Computer course has been designed to address new computer users with very little (if any) experience regardless of their physical location and/or computer equipment available to them as much as possible. With this in mind, it is not based on a specific operating system and/or application program(s), although specific examples are used throughout the course. Additionally, the goal has been to keep it as simple as possible and in plain language thereby implying and making you feel as if the Instructor is actually in the room with them making it as easy as possible to follow the many instructions. The best place to start anything is at the beginning. Therefore, the course starts with the hardware and software (2 types) followed by the introduction and skills necessary for you to feel comfortable with the computer environment and management skills necessary to be able communicate online with the instructor as soon as possible. It then moves forward to address common student questions and concerns and then introduces additional communication tools, such as the Internet. Ethical issues and safety are then approached in a scenario-based manner to ensure an excellent Understanding when using the computer as a communication tool in the largest Wide Area Network (Internet). Next, you are introduced to and walked through generating documents from start to finish based on four of the main types of application software necessary in today's society of technology. Finally, the course guides you toward the future of their choice by introducing necessary life skills and reiterating the use of the many skills and resources they have gained throughout course.
Notes Students must have completed the ACE Learn to Learn Online course prior to registration.
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