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Corporate Finance 2

Course Code ACCT-334
Course Name Corporate Finance 2
Category Accounting
Description Following Corporate Finance 1 (ACCT224), Corporate Finance 2 will examine advanced topics in the financial management of profit-seeking organizations. A major objective, through the use of theory questions and practical problems, will be the development of analytical and/or decision-making and information presentation skills.

Many of the problems and/or assignments in the course will require the application of an electronic spreadsheet program such as Excel.

Corporate Finance 2 will give you the knowledge and practical skills to:

•Calculate an organization's weighted average cost of capital and use this information to rank investment opportunities;
•Apply capital budgeting methods such as net present value (NPV), cost-benefit analysis, payback period and internal rate of return (IRR) and evaluate investments;
•Evaluate capital investments at various levels of risk;
•Apply risk management analysis to generate information for decision;
•Define primary, secondary, money and capital markets;
•Outline the distribution process, the allocation of securities amongst syndicate participants and the calculation of the spread as cost or a return;
•Analyze a lease versus buy decision and recommend the most financially advantageous course of action;
•Calculate the value of rights, shares and shareholders wealth during right-offering process;
•Determine whether internally generated funds should be reinvested or paid out as dividend.
Notes Available in an in-class or online format.
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