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Auditing 2 (External)

Course Code ACCT-332
Course Name Auditing 2 (External)
Category Accounting
Description Auditing 2 is the second in a series of courses relating to this area of expertise. It will emphasize file preparation, evaluation of audit evidence and the documentation of internal control. Specific topics will include: the role of auditors in the economy, generally accepted auditing standards, audit reports, un-audited engagements, professional ethics and rules of conduct, audit evidence, legal liability and internal control as well as the audit of the transaction cycles of an organization.

Through a major case study and lectures, you will develop skills in working paper preparation as well as the ability to identify various auditing reports attached to financial statements. As a real-world component, you will produce various sections of an audit file. You will be tested through quizzes and a comprehensive final exam.

Your Auditing 2 training will prepare you to:

•Describe and illustrate the four types of audit tests applied to financial statements;
•Choose the appropriate audit report to assign to the audit circumstances;
•Describe the appropriate substantive tests to be conducted during the acquisition and payment cycle;
•Analyze short cases for possible fraud and choose the appropriate remedial actions;
•Discuss the various sampling approaches in the inventory and warehousing and capital acquisition and repayment cycles;
•Analyze internal control systems and other organizational issues, and prepare the necessary control adjustments;
•Identify the Board's role in the overall corporate governance, including IT;
•Apply the Audit Command Language software to analyze large amounts of data and infer the results upon the organization;
•Identify and analyze contingent and subsequent events and their implications on the financial results.
Notes Prerequisites: Intermediate Accounting 1 ACCT-255, Accounting Information Systems ACCT-257 or permission of the department.
Required course for the following outside certification:

This course is offered in both CE and Distance Learning formats.
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