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Taxation 1

Course Code ACCT-226
Course Name Taxation 1
Category Accounting
Description Taxation 1 will offer you a basic understanding of the Income Tax Act and regulations used to determine Income Tax Liability as it applies mainly to individuals.

In the in-class course, you will be involved in lectures and interactive class discussions. You will also complete assignments, term tests, quizzes and a final exam, which will cover all of the semester's materials.

You will learn how to prepare a simple tax return for individual residents of Canada, and to use the knowledge you gain to solve problems relating to the taxation of individual resident and non-residents of Canada. A real-life simulation will see you complete both a manual and computer-generated tax return using recognized software to ensure you are comfortable and confident with the task.

As a result of Taxation 1, you will be able to demonstrate the ability to:

•Determine who is liable for taxation in Canada;
•Identify different sources of income and how they are taxed in the hands of an individual;
•Prepare an income tax return manually for an individual resident of Canada;
•Identify the administrative and enforcement policies of Canada Revenue Agency;
•Identify taxation issues and sources for research.
Notes Prerequisite: Financial Accounting 1 ACCT-112 or permission of the department.
Required course for the two year diploma and the following outside certification: CIB

This course is offered in both CE and Distance Learning formats.
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