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Small Business Software

Course Code ACCT-150
Course Name Small Business Software
Category Accounting
Description Small Business Software's main focus will be on computer skills and accounting theory for the analysis and recording of financial transactions.

In accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), you will learn to create and maintain electronic accounting records for various types of businesses. Through projects and two tests, you will become knowledgeable in:

•Using software to produce accounting reports that enable the identification of strengths and deficiencies in the company's internal control;
•Analyzing the impact of activities within functional areas of an organization on the organization's financial performance;
•Applying contemporary business communication practices and effective interpersonal skills to support the accounting and reporting function;
•Applying knowledge of fundamental concepts of GAAP used in financial accounting;
•Analyzing business transactions from source documents and making appropriate accounting entries into computerized accounting records for service and retail business;
•Recording, valuing and reporting all facets of business organizations including receivables, payables, periodic and perpetual inventory, and payroll information;
•Determining adjustments required in accounts in anticipation of preparing financial statements;
•Providing supporting documentation and systematic referencing to assure data reliability;
•Ascertaining and using both accounting and spreadsheet software to produce business documents and financial reports;
•Explaining transaction processing within the accounting software system for a variety of organizations;
•Critiquing the system of internal control maintained within the accounting software package and making recommendations for additional controls to meet management needs;
•Producing output reports and making both oral and written presentations designed to meet management's information requirements;
•Constructing a company's accounting records using accounting software to convert from a manual system to a computerized one.
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