Intro to Music Recording & Audio Engineering RECA-203

Course Code RECA-203
Course Name Intro to Music Recording & Audio Engineering
Category Media, Arts and Design
Description Intro to Audio Recording for Music presents the basics needed to operate a recording console and a multi-track digital recorder.

This course explores the fundamentals of live audio recording, audio engineering theory, studio equipment operations and the use of microphone techniques. Compressors, limiters, effects processors and equalizers are also studied.

You will complete five tests, on your knowledge of the audio console, microphones, equalization and dynamic processors, time based effects processors, recording vocals, guitars, drums and live sound; and recording and producing a multi-track demo recording.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

• Identify and operate a multi-track recording console;
• Identify and determine the appropriate use of various types of microphones;
• Identify different frequency ranges and determine the appropriate use of equalization;
• Recognize dynamic range and determine the appropriate uses of dynamic range processors;
• Identify various time-based effects and determine the appropriate use of time based effects processors;
• Record live vocals, drums and guitars;
• Identify and operate the components contained in a live PA system;
• Produce and record a multi-track demo recording.
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