Occupational Health and Safety HRMT-310

Course Code HRMT-310
Course Name Occupational Health and Safety
Category Business
Description The major objective of the Occupation Health and Safety (OH&S) course will be on the identification, evaluation and control of safety hazards associated with the work environment.

During the duration of the offering, you will develop a solid understanding of the OH&S legislation, processes, procedures and techniques involved in workplace safety hazard recognition, assessment and control. More specifically, you will become adept in:

• Theoretical and applied aspects of the occupation health and safety function in human resource management;
• Economic, social and moral considerations of OH&S in an organization;
• Classification and identification of workplace hazardous agents;
• Techniques for recognizing, assessing and controlling safety hazards;
• Management of health and safety programs in an organization.

These topics will be taught through a host of in-class lectures, quizzes, a mid-term consisting of multiple choice, short answer, case analysis and definitional questions as well as a final exam. To ensure you receive practical training in this area, the Occupation Health and Safety course will also include three assignments: preparing a report on an incident; administering a stress survey and preparing a report analyzing findings with a group; and conducting a workplace safety inspection and preparing a report based on your group findings.

Once you complete this course, you will have the know-how to:

•Develop health and safety strategies, policies and practices that are equitable and meet the needs of diverse communities within legal constraints;
•Apply hazard recognition, assessment and control techniques to meet legal requirements;
•Conduct workplace safety inspections, write inspection reports and recommend actions for improvement;
•Conduct workplace incident investigations and recommend actions to prevent similar incidents from occurring again in the future;
•Prepare worker compensation claim documents and manage claims;
•Apply accommodation principles to develop return to work strategies for injured workers and a disability management program;
•Develop a workplace violence and harassment program that includes policy, procedures and meets training requirements;
•Identify and assess stressors in the workplace, and develop stress management programs;
•Develop an emergency preparedness and response plan for different types of emergencies;
•Evaluate and audit the OH&S policies, procedures and practices, including employee wellness programs, of an organization for continuous improvement.
Notes Prerequisite: Human Resources Management HRMT-301 or permission of the department.
Required course for the following outside certifications: HRPA of Ontario

This course is offered in both CE and Distance Learning formats.
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