Gas Technician 2 (G2) Training (Module 15, 17-20, 22 & 24) GAST-202

Course Code GAST-202
Course Name Gas Technician 2 (G2) Training (Module 15, 17-20, 22 & 24)
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description The Centennial College Gas Technician 2 (G2) Training Course provides education in the Natural Gas and Propane Heating Field. You will acquire knowledge of the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Fuel Code G2 Regulations as described in the B149.1-15 and B149.2-15 Gas Codes. The course includes theory and lab training. Students will learn to maintain, size, select and install gas-fired equipment.

A passing grade of 75% is required on all course assessments. Upon completion of the G2 Training Course, students must achieve a passing grade of 75% or greater on the Certificate of Qualification exam for Gas Technician 2 from TSSA. The exam is not included in this course. The Gas Technician 2 (G2) Training Course does not guarantee that students will pass the Certificate of Qualification for Gas Technician 2 exam.
Notes Admission Requirements :
You must provide :
1.) Current Gas Technician 3 License
2.) Photo ID

*** You must register for GAST-201 and GAST-202

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