Learn to Speak Dog DOGY-200

Course Code DOGY-200
Course Name Learn to Speak Dog
Category Lifestyle & Leisure
Description Why does your dog sit or come when called only half of the time? What is your dog trying to say to you when they whine, bark, or stare at you? Why do some dogs have a huge vocabulary and others have a harder time learning language? This one-day workshop delivered by experienced dog trainers will answer these questions and more to bridge the communication gap between you and your canine companions. Bridging this gap will help with training, better understand dogs' reactions to people, situations or other dogs and will help you build a solid relationship with dogs. This workshop is geared towards anyone who has constant contact with dogs on a regular basis; dog owners, dog walkers, groomers, etc.

Lead Facilitator: Andrea Dinan

Summer Options:
Sunday July 23, 2017
9am to 5pm
Ashtonbee Campus located at 75 Ashtonbee Road
Room A-214
Cost: $145

To register call Enrolment Services at 416-289-5300 (Monday to Friday 9am to 4:30pm)
Notes Call for information and registration to:
Program Officer, Elaine McSorley
416-289-5000 ext. 2228
Contact Telephone 416-289-5207
Contact E-mail ce@centennialcollege.ca
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