PHP Programming with MYSQL COMP-474

Course Code COMP-474
Course Name PHP Programming with MYSQL
Description PHP Programming with MySQL covers the basics of PHP and MySQL using open source current technologies and best practices to build professional quality, database-driven Websites.

The offering makes use of lectures, labs and project assignments to highlight specific topics such as: the PHP scripting language, arrays, strings and advanced data manipulation in PHP; an introduction to object-oriented programming with PHP 5, SQL and MySQL, writing to Web databases, and authentication and security.

In PHP Programming with MySQL, you will be graded based on assignments, a mid-term and final evaluation.

Once you complete this course, you will have the ability to:

• Identify functions and structures;
• Write code PHP script with conditions and branches loops functions, working with data types and user-defined functions;
• Code with arrays of strings, regular expression, dates and times, and integers and floats;
• Work with MySQL Command Interpreter, managing databases and tables, inserting, updating and deleting data querying with SQL SELECT, join queries;
• Query Web databases and process user input;
• Write to Web databases with database inserts, update and deletes;
• Address issues in writing data to databases;
• Authenticate and validate with PHP and JavaScript;
• Protect data on the Web;
• Debug a PHP application.
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