Introduction to Database Concepts COMP-122

Course Code COMP-122
Course Name Introduction to Database Concepts
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description Introduction to Database Concepts introduces relational database concepts as related to personal, client server and enterprise database systems.

Through assignments, quizzes, class participation, a group project, and a mid-term and final exam, you will examine topics such as database and database management systems, data types, importance of a well designed database, table structure and relationships, field definitions and naming conventions, data access queries using QBE grid, SQL, data definition language (DDL) and data manipulation language (DML) commands; table creation using SQL statements, database security and evolution of data models. These concepts are reinforced using Microsoft Access for lab work and your group term project.

Oracle is also briefly introduced and used for queries. Meanwhile, Microsoft Visio is used as the diagramming tool to create entity relation diagrams.

This Introduction to Database Concepts course gives you the ability to:

• Explain the term database and database management system (DBMS) as well as the use of primary and foreign keys;
• Design simple table structures and associate them to a prescribed business problem;
• Determine cardinality between tables, and use cardinality symbols (Crow's Foot notation) to represent 1-1, 1-M and M-N relationships;
• Use cardinality symbols to draw ERDs to model tables and relationships;
• Explain fundamental differences between logical and physical database design;
• Interpret the SQL script generated in the creation of simple queries in an Access environment;
• Use SQL DDL to create simple relational databases;
• Use SQL DML to create and query sample data;
• Use normalization techniques to remove redundancies in tables;
• Apply security measures such as password, encryption and hiding database objects to secure data in Access databases.
Notes Prerequisite : COMP-100 Programming 1

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