Working with Linux Graphical User Interfaces CEUN-951

Course Code CEUN-951
Course Name Working with Linux Graphical User Interfaces
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description In Working with Linux Graphical User Interfaces, you will enjoy a practical approach to learning how to build a cost-effective networked desktop environment with the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP).

The LTSP allows organizations to re-deploy legacy hardware in configurations that outperform current commercial operating systems at a fraction of the price.

You will learn how to install LTSP and configure thin clients to connect to an LTSP server and use the full array of corporate desktop applications.

Linux has rapidly emerged as a competitive desktop computing platform and once you complete Working with Linux Graphical User Interfaces, you will be able to:

• Understand the purpose and design principles of the X11 windowing system;
• Differentiate between a desktop environment and a window manager;
• Understand the meaning and role of a client and a server in the context of X11;
• Understand network transparency in X11;
• Forward X11 applications across competing architectures and operating systems;
• Configure local and remote login display managers;
• Create diskless boot images;
• Configure LTSP terminals and servers.
Notes This course is offered in-class.

For in-class please email or call 416-289-5000 x2267
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