Unix Shell Scripts CEUN-932

Course Code CEUN-932
Course Name Unix Shell Scripts
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description Unix Shell Scripts introduces you to Perl, a family of high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming languages. It also compares Perl with the scripting languages introduced in earlier courses.

You will learn through a combination of lectures and hands-on assignments that include writing simple Perl scripts and performing administrative tasks via Perl.

Topics covered in this Unix Shell Scripts course include understanding data types, using scalar expressions, accepting command line arguments, manipulating text, validating user input and formatting output. You will also learn to use positional parameters and variables to pass information, and conditional constructs to have scripts make decisions.

Upon completion of this Unix Shell Scripts course, you will be well versed in:

• Applying simple secure programming techniques to shell scripting;
• Incorporating common command line utilities into shell scripts;
• Using pattern matching;
• Manipulating input and output;
• Setting and testing exit conditions;
• Creating conditional branches and control structures.

Notes This course is offered in-class.

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