Unix/Linux Security CEUN-912

Course Code CEUN-912
Course Name Unix/Linux Security
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description Unix/Linux Security answers the question: What is the role of Unix security in a typical corporate environment?

Through lectures and hands-on training, you will learn to safeguard systems using the standard tools that are packaged with every Unix distribution. You will also examine how password recovery tools work. Lastly, you will explore the use of Unix as a firewall and VPN platform.

The course will be divided into areas of interest that will include authentication, host security, network security and cryptography.

Successful completion of Unix/Linux Security will ensure you know how to:

• Set safe file system mounting options;
• Create restricted shells;
• Use process monitoring tools;
• Use password recovery tools;
• Perform data integrity checks;
• Apply network access controls;
• Configure firewall rules;
• Use file encryption tools;
• Use network encryption tools;
• Configure virtual private networks;
• Create encrypted file system backups.
Notes This course is offered in-class.

For in-class please email infotech.PT@centennialcollege.ca or call 416-289-5000 x2267
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