Content Filtering CETE-938

Course Code CETE-938
Course Name Content Filtering
Category Information Technology & Computers
Description Content Filtering offers you an understanding of the increasingly important requirements of controlling the data content of network traffic and the management of available bandwidth.

Through a series of hands-on exercises you will explore creating and bypassing filters, which are intended to block active content from Web pages and e-mail. Also covered will be the dangers of uncontrolled access to network resources, together with the associated social and legal implications.

Specific topics in the Content Filtering course include hidden data in inbound and outbound traffic, application and circuit level filtering, basic file forensics, exploiting metadata to identify users and resources, installing a proxy server and more.

For the offering's hands-on aspect, you will complete practical assignments such as implementing a Tornode and configuring a firewall.

The Content Filtering course will give you the confidence to:

• Assess ways in which common office software leaks confidential information;
• Identify methods by which mail and Web server operators secretly track users;
• Understand how operators of remote servers build profiles of individual users;
• Implement mechanisms for limiting remote tracking and profiling;
• Implement methods of stripping active content in mail and Web traffic;
• Understand how content filters function and how content filters fail;
• Implement a proxy server to authenticate, monitor and filter employee Web access;
• Test methods of bypassing access control mechanisms.
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